Who We Are

Russian brand “Russian Crown – Kokoshnik” This is the revival of Russian traditions in a modern style. Each crown is made of high quality stones and accessories, as well as many hours of manual work. All our kokoshniki, thanks to the correct anatomical shape, are very comfortable to wear, the size is adjustable with an elastic band. They will help make your style unique.

In our store you can find the crown of your dreams!

Kokoshniki embroidered with stones, unique and present in one copy. Models do not repeat!

Please enjoy your purchase!

“At all times, a Russian woman was a model of beauty. Modest and yet bright. Chaste, but attracting attention. All this was emphasized by outfits, which were the visiting card of Russian women. We show women who follow fashion that kokoshniki not only can look modern, but also be a bright style that will be recognized all over the world. “


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