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Russian brand “Russian Crown – Kokoshnik. Revival of traditions “

We skillfully revive the traditions of folk crafts, organically combining the crafts of old masters with the trends of modern fashion in unique handicrafts.

Each model of the Russian crown has no analogues. The designers and craftsmen working with us to create them have truly great creativity and a delicate taste. The production of modern kokoshniks – the revival of Russian traditions in a modern style – was opened here in Kaliningrad in early 2017. In a short time, hundreds of girls and women of different ages appreciated and loved the extraordinary beauty, vivid style and originality of products.

Today we produce more than 100 types of kokoshniks, constantly expanding the range. Hats are offered, both for everyday wear and for special occasions. Semicircular and angular, high and low, evening and wedding, thanks to the correct anatomical shape, they are convenient and comfortable. Models of the Russian crown, made as a result of many hours of handmade work in a creative workshop, amaze the imagination with their variety and color scheme. Fabric, leather, shawl, covered with lace, strewn with flowers, embroidered with stones and rhinestones, decorated with amber, they make the style of the owner of a kokoshnik unique and modern.

In September 2018, the brand “Russian Crown – Kokoshnik. Revival of traditions ”was registered in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of the Russian Federation.

Currently, our kokoshniks are popular in many Russian regions – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, where not only individual orders are sent, but also small wholesale parties. The high quality of goods, the ability to catch fashion trends allowed us to expand our supply borders and enter the international market. The first export sale is in the USA. Then, great interest in Russian headgear was shown in the countries of Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, as well as in European countries – Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, etc.

Today “The Russian crown is Kokoshnik. Revival of traditions ”is the undisputed brand of fashion accessories that do not age over time. Products are marked with numerous diplomas and thanks. We repeatedly become heroes of articles in a wide variety of Russian and foreign media: Small Business (Moscow), Tokyo Shimbun (Japan), The Moscow Times (Great Britain) and others.

Promoting the Russian brand abroad, we are regular participants in relevant Russian and international exhibitions.


“At all times, a Russian woman was a standard of beauty. Modest and yet vibrant. Chaste, but attracting attention. All this was emphasized by the outfits that were the hallmark of the Russians. We show women who follow fashion that kokoshniks can not only look modern, but also be a vibrant element of a style that is recognizable throughout the world. ”

Sincerely, Elena Danilova.

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