Amber kokoshnik №3


Amber kokoshnik №3



Semi-precious Kokoshnik from Baltic Amber – Premium class. Made from the best, select Amber, each stone was selected manually.

Inside a special flexible base, velvet trimmed and embroidered by hand: Amber 98% fill, Japanese beads, Swarowski crystals, Czech crystal, gold plated fittings.

The largest deposits of amber are located in the Kaliningrad region, on the Baltic Sea coast, therefore it is called the “Baltic gold”. Amber is the fossilized resin of coniferous trees. For a long time, solidification was carried out by complex processes, as a result of which the resin turned into Yantar. Psychics see amber as a conglomeration of sunlight – like a clot of energy that has tremendous power. This is not surprising, because every piece of amber is millions of years old! Amber has always been considered a symbol of happiness, health and love.

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