Russian Crown – Kokoshnik “Pink Nebula”


Pearl crown


  • weight 230-250g

  • universal size

  • mix color – pink, purple, gray

  • height 6 cm

  • materials: plastic, velvet, elastic, size regulator, Czech crystal, Austrian crystals, Swarovski pearls, beads.

  • 30C hand wash

  • production: Kaliningrad (Russia)

Wedding (and not only) delicate pearl crown, created manually from Czech crystal, Austrian crystals and incredible Swarovski crystals. Russian crown – pink nebula kokoshnik (Video can be sent to Viber, WhatsApp) The correct anatomical shape allows you to comfortably stay on your head.

Care sheet:
The product is very high quality, but you can not drop it on a tile or identical floor, the crystal can break. If over time it fades from hairspray or dust, it can be rinsed in warm water with liquid soap (it will only dry for a couple of days, because it cannot be survived)
Otherwise, the kokoshnik is quite reliable, but it is better to treat it carefully, as with any decoration)

Types of evening kokoshniks are not exactly repeated!

You can become the owner of a unique model.


“At all times, the Russian woman was the standard of beauty. Modest and nevertheless bright. Chaste, but attracting attention. All this was emphasized by the outfits that were the visiting card of the Russians.
We show women who follow fashion that kokoshniks can not only look modern, but also be a bright element of a style that will be recognizable throughout the world. “
“The Russian Crown – Kokoshnik. Revival of Traditions”


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